Skubadoo--A Styrofoam and Fiberglass Submarine

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by William Steiniger and Jack Smith

Here’s a skin diver’s dream sub you can build.

If you’re a skin diver of any experience you know that an electric-powered sport submarine is great for underwater exploration. Seated in such a vehicle, you can cover more bottom simply because you do not expend your energy in swimming and your precious air can be made to last much longer. Also, it’s great fun to operate. In building the sub, our original intention was to make it of fiberglass with a Plyfoam core. A wet sub (one that fills with water and is used with an aqualung) requires a certain amount of flotation and we felt the Plyfoam would be ideal. With a layer of fiberglass bonded to each side, it becomes strong indeed.

12 pages, 2 plate(s)

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