Collapsible Glass-Bottom Boat

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Here’s a perfect rig for the junior boatman--novel yet simple.

This versatile little rig was designed to serve a single purpose, but we soon discovered that it could serve many. Primarily, it was built for one or two of our children to paddle around in when we anchored our small cruiser, since we have no dinghy. But we added a few novelty features and so created many more uses. Even a landlocked tourist can now casually launch himself on any lake or stream, simply by removing the assembled, 8-foot hull from the car roof or by reaching into the trunk for the collapsed craft. It takes just 30 seconds to assemble the sections, and carrying it to the water is no problem, since it weighs only 29 pounds. The real fun starts when you examine marine life through the Plexiglas window beneath your feet. With this feature, you can stay in contact with the bottoms after the weather has turned and the shivering skin divers have gone home. It’s also a fine way to watch your quarry going for your lure as you fish. Or, for the “shutterbug,” it’s an open window onto the glorious colors and formations below, which provide an endless source of fascinating photographs. A paddle gets you around very quickly because of the lightweight plywood hull. And since the boat has plenty of beam for its length, and good side flare, stability is fine-—provided no horseplay is indulged in. As to the glass, a plywood panel hinges down over it and forms an extra seat for a small-size passenger; the panel doubles as a sunshade when viewing through the glass 

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