Glass-Bottom Boat

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by William D. Jackson

Underwater fun and adventure can be yours when you build this glass-paneled gadabout or add glass “windows” to your present boat. Here’s how.
Glass panels in your boat will open, up a colorful new world of underwater excitement. Such a paneled boat is ideal for Scuba or skin divers, because it previews promising diving areas for them. And when you use such a see-throug boat with an underwater intercom, you have an ideal combination for a team diving effort, for unlimited fun, adventure and exploration. If you already own a boat with a flat bottom. similar to the one shown here, you’ll find the instructions on how to install glass panels in the bottom toward the end of this article. If you don’t own such a craft, follow the complete plans given here and you’ll have yourself a nifty little all-purpose boat.

20 pages, 3 plate(s)

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