Pogo--A Paddle Boat

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by Harry J. Miller

This paddle wheel boat will skim over shallow waters at 9mph. Uses 3-hp lawn mower engine for power.

Pogo isn't a boat for navigating rough waters, but 15-year-old Jimmy Tench of Bradenton, Florida, had no such intention when he designed her. For his hobby of gathering orchids and exploring the placid bayous near home, he needed a boat with shallow draft and a propulsion system that wouldn't foul in the dense growth of mangrove, hyacinth and grass. Thus he produced this flat-bottomed paddle wheeler which skims over the watery vegetation and takes him right up to the shores  bordering the inlets. The little boat moves along, too. Jimmy heads her up the Braden River at a 9 mph clip under the thrust of an old 3-hp mower engine which he bought in a junk yiird for $15 and overhauled it himself, spending another few dollars for new rings arid gaskets. His total cost for the boat and engine came to just $50. Thought out and built in six weeks of spare time, Pogo is quite simple in construction. A 4x8-foot sheet of quarter-inch exterior plywood provides the bottom, with some left over for the spray shield. The sides are two six-foot lengths of lxl0-inch fir, cut to the shape indicated in the drawing. The transom is another piece of lxl0-inch fir, cut to the dimensions shown, and a beveled piece of 2x4 stock is used at the bow.

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