Build this Surf-N-Sailboat

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by John Carroll and Associates

Sponsored by an active class organisation, the high performance Australian Sailfish is cheap, easy-to-build and as refreshing as a stroll down Bondi Beach.

The Australian Sailfish made its first appearance in Victoria in the late l950s. It is based on a proven type of hull form which originated in the United States, and then found great popularity in New Zealand, due to several fundamental characteristics. These include simple and cheap construction, light weight and ease of transport, good buoyancy and safety factors, and last, but not least, very hot performance. The design has produced a craft which provides a safe and simple training boat to the novice, and a craft which will give the more experienced skipper the thrills and performance sufficient to outsail many established, larger and more expensive classes. In essence the Sailfish comprises a fully decked hull 11 ft 6 in. in length with a beam of just under 3 ft, having a maximum depth (excluding plate) of 6 inches, and minimum weight of 63 lb. It is cat rigged, with a mast 16 ft high carrying a mainsail of 65 square feet.

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