Build the Sea- and Skifish

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by George Daniels

Many small-boat sailinging fans in northern climes have a secret desire to own. a boat they never have to put away. When winter comes and the water freezes the boat of their dreams just climbs up on the ice and continues sailing as an iceboat. This, of course, is a fantasy. So far as we’ve been able to figure out, no such arrangement is possible. But in our brainstorming, one of the things we figured out that is possible is to have two different little craft—an iceboat and a sailboat—that use the same rig and sail. Sail around all summer in the boat. When winter comes, transfer the sail and rig to the iceboat and continue batting the breeze. So we set to work designing such a combo, and what we came up with is the Seafish-Skifish. The Seafish is fast. She planes in any breeze worthy of the name and she cartops easily, too. She has a roomy cockpit that makes her a boat you can sail in as well as on, and she’s built with kick-up leeboards that let you go into shallow water without worrying about obstructions. But if Seafish is fast, watch out! Skifish is a speed demon. In the right breeze she can hit speeds of more than 50 mph. She’s also a cartopper, with a hollow fuselage, which means that she’s light to handle and would float (close to 500 lbs. buoyancy) if you went through the ice. Seafish and Skifish use a standard Sunfish sail and rig that can be transferred.

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