Zipper--An 8-Ft. Catamaran Ski-Boat

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by William D. Jackson


This 15-hour do-it-yourself boat project fills enthusiast's bill as planing sports boat, water skier, racer, ski-tow boat, surfboard, fishing raft or diving plantform

Zipper rides like a pair of water skis except that you can maneuver like a star in a water thrill show by gently nudging the tiller bar with your feet Your hands are free to operate the throttle and apply plenty of body-english to your turns. Speeds up to 36 mph are possible with 18-hp motors, but even a little 5-hp kicker will perform to please the most jaundiced boating fan. To get this performance, Zipper was designed with twin hulls forward, leading into a conventional planing surface aft. Construction is of exterior-grade AC fir plywood and fir lumber. All materials are available from your local lumberyard or hardware store and should be on hand when you begin construction. No great amount of workshop space is necessary, because the framing will be assembled directly on the 1/2-in. plywood deck

8 pages, 4 plate(s)

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