Pedal Cat

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by William D. Jackson

You can pedal or power this water cruising bicycle.

Pedal Cat is a paddle-wheel driven catamaran which you operate much the same as a bicycle. It will navigate in about 3½ in. of water, is silent, and can be used upon protected waters anywhere. Resort operators will find this water craft a popular addition to a fleet of rentable boats. If you prefer to power it with a small outboard motor, the paddle wheel may be removed and the motor clamped to an engine support board. Simply lock the outboard motor in the dead-ahead position and steer with the handlebar-controlled rudder. The materials needed to build Pedal Cat are exterior fir plywood and pine, fir or hemlock solid stock available at local lumber yards. The paddle-wheel foot cranks, bearings and handle bar are made of ordinary standard pipe and pipe fittings available at local hardware or plumbing stores.  The pontoons measure almost 10 ft. in length. If 4 x 10 ft. plywood panels are available, well and good; if, however, your lumber dealer stocks only 4 x 8 ft. panels, it’s an easy matter to butt join the pieces with reinforcing lap blocks.

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