How to Lengthen Your Boat

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You can lengthen your old boat inexpensively and quickly, and you’ll gain the comfort a big boat affords.

Certain types of sail and power craft are perfectly adaptable to being lengthened. Another three or four feet in length added on adds not only to the appearance of the craft, but also considerable deck space. In many cases, lengthening solves the problem of building a new and longer boat, thus eliminating the job of starting from the keel up. The work of lengthening your craft might seem a major operation, but it is a comparatively minor one alongside the task of building an entire hull. It is just the thing to do these days, when a larger boat is needed and when goodly quantities of lumber and fittings are practically unavailable, because of defense priorities. Craft without an overhang or a fantail—those with blunt sterns from the waterline up—can be lengthened to good advantage. Building a fantail on such types is safe and practicable, and does not appreciably disturb the sail and rig. The increased length aft enables you to set up a permanent backstay, so that yott can come about without slackening or hauling-in sidestays.

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