How to Make a Real Ship's Wheel

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Hi Sibley and Don Selchow/Plans to make two ships' wheels; one as a wall decoration (and practice for the real one) and one yacht's wheel for your boat.

by Hi Sibley and Don Selchow

One of these handsome yacht wheels is for marine use; the other makes an attractive wall decoration. Both are well designed and require only a lathe and scroll saw for their construction. Mahogany Pilot Wheel For Wall. Note: It would be a good idea to build the decorative version first to work out the "kinks" before tackling the real thing and perhaps wasting expensive teak and/or mahogany. The photo on the right shows the decorative wheel, which will lend an attractive boaty atmosphere to a room, especially if the marine motif is carried out in lamps, ash trays, etc. Spokes are lathe-turned, and the rim is made up of 60 degree segments cut on the scroll saw, then assembled with casein glue and brass screws. Finish with stain, filler and two or three coats of top grade spar varnish.
Substantial Yacht's Wheel. This wheel on the left is the real thing, and calculated to give long, hard service. The rim is of hardwood, built up in sections of 60 degrees each, as in the decorative wheel. Spokes are lathe-turned from 3/4xl-in. stock. Wheel is assembled with casein glue and Everdur screws. Brass flanges clamp spokes to spool and serve as a hub for shaft.

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