How to Lay Out Spars for a Marconi Rig

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Robert M. Steward/Masts are calculated as columns, booms as beams; here's how to lay them out.

by Robert M. Steward

Masts are calculated as columns, booms as beams, therefore the load and the length of the longest unsupported span are factors determining the size of the maximum section. The calculated section is required only at the middle of that span, where the greatest load occurs, and this point on a mast is half way from the deck to jib stay, and at the mid-length of a boom. Therefore, a spar can be tapered down smaller each side of the largest section, but to save work most economical builders make masts of constant section from the step to the point described above and then taper to the top, where the saving in weight does the most good. Booms, being shorter and simpler, should always be shaped to both ends.

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