Rigging Adjustable Fenders on Tracks

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/If you dock in a number of different harbors, or cruise or sail in tidal waters, these fenders will be helpful.

If you dock your craft in a number of different harbors, or cruise or sail on tidal waters, adjusting boat fenders to the proper height and position to protect the sides of your hull can be a problem. This project offers a method of rigging boat fenders so that they can be quickly adjusted for any kind of dock. The system is particularly helpful on tidal waters where high dock posts or pilings are common, but this system is a big advantage anywhere a boat has to dock against posts because horizontally slung boat fenders just do not offer sufficient protection when there is a heavy chop. In such situations, fender boards are the best solution. But fender boards must be rigged in the proper location to span dock posts, and a boat just does not have enough cleats or fender hooks to meet every situation.

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