Demountable Cabin for Open Runabouts

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This raising and lowering top made of plywood and canvas will give your open boat many of the advantages of a small cabin cruiser and still can be easily removed whenever wished. Lowered for ordinary running the sides rest on the deck or gunwales making the entire structure so low it will not catch the wind, the light weight of the materials of which it is made together with this lowness, avoiding any tendency toward top-heaviness. Blankets and air mattresses, a box with food and galley supplies, spare clothes and odd gear in dunriage bags—everything you need for cruising—can be kept dry, and on long runs in damp or cold weather the idle member of the crew can crawl beneath for a snooze or smoke out of the wind or rain. At anchor or pulled up close to the beach the top is raised and its canvas sides tied down to give sitting up headroom.

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