Anchoring Small Craft

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William D. Jackson/You'll spend more time aboard your boat and enjoy anchoring with properly selected, low-cost ground tackle.

by William D. Jackson

You'll spend more time aboard your boat and enjoy anchoring wherever you wish with properly selected, low-cost ground tackle and the know-how of quick, safe anchoring.

If you are an average small-boat fan, your present boat is roomier, more comfortably equipped, and better looking than the one you might have owned five or ten years ago—all of which leads to your having more fun just being aboard and puts less emphasis on high-speed performance. You’ve probably been thinking about spending a night camping on your small boat and perhaps you’ve already taken a short cruise in the evening just to anchor and have dinner aboard, have an over-the-side swim, or do a little fishing. And, if you’re a skin diver or scuba fan, you know that you get most of your enjoyment from your boat after you’ve reached your destination and the boat is anchored. These are all reasons why you should give considerable thought to your method of anchoring and to your ground tackle, most of which wasn’t necessary back when a boat was just something to ride over the water. Although present-day anchors are more sophisticated and versatile than the concrete block on a rope that you used years ago, you can still outfit your runabout, small cruiser, or houseboat with ground tackle, depending somewhat on your selection of anchors and line and their intended use, for little money.

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