Sailing Dinghy of Plyfoam

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by Charles Bell

With brand new lightweight plyfoam, the home builder’s task and tools are minimized.

Would-be home builders with more spirit than skill for that sailing dink, take heart. And take a hard look at a new core material called Plyfoam, a rigid polyvinyl chloride developed by the firm of Potter Instruments Inc., Plainview, N.Y. for use in “sandwich” construction. Marketed in sheets of 1/4” and 1/2” thickness, it’s intended for use with polyester or epoxy plastics, and with a variety of reinforcing materials of which the most commonly used is fiberglass. With this in mind, I’ve designed a sailing dinghy which will weigh about 50 pounds, but which is stronger than a comparable plywood dink. Even, a conventional fiberglass hull would have to be far heavier to be as stiff and sturdy. It will carry heavy loads in a breeze and be quite lively for one or two people to sail. Outside of the form or building jig, the Plyfoam, fiberglass and resin require a minimum of tools—a brush, razor blades and pair of scissors will do the trick.

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