Build a Table for Your Boat

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by Gordon P. Manning

Eating aboard a small boat is just as much fun as eating ashore when you have a table like this one that’s stable and stowable

Picnicking, as most everyone knows, is one of the numerous pleasures which your small boat can afford you. But sometimes, when you have reached your favorite spot, you decide you’d rather eat aboard; maybe because the area is crowded or perhaps it looks like rain. Eating aboard a small boat can be just as much fun as eating ashore, if you have a decent table on which to set up the food and drinks. Unfortunately, however, most outboards have no adequate flat space for this purpose. Lugging along a folding table is a nuisance, and in many cases is impossible to use. A year ago I designed and built this little folding table for our outboard, and it has paid back its modest cost many times over in pleasure and satisfaction. Essentially, it is a hinged affair which hangs from the lower edge of the cockpit gunwale and is entirely out of the way when not in use. To set it up, you merely lift it up, slip a leg into sockets on the floor and table bottom, and you have as stable a table as you can find. A hook and eye keep the table from banging against the hull when it is in the folded position. A hole drilled in the leg provides the means of hanging it up.

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