Skua--An 8-Foot All Plywood Outboard Skimmer

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Designed by Charles G. MacGregor

LOA 7 ft. 9 in., BEAM 3 ft. 10 in.

To those who love the thrills of speed on water we submit here a small outboard skimmer which if carefully built will give her owner a great deal of pleasure. There is a splendid choice of suitable outboard engines developing 3 to 30 hp. Most of these motors run efficiently at speeds between 3,500 and 4,000 r.p.m. and as high as 5,000. It is not necessary to use a steering wheel but it is a great convenience. Keep the tiller lines well clear of the open cockpit so that they will not be in the way when turning from cranking to steering position. The seat should be arranged to suit your own needs or eliminated

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