Automotive Engines go to Sea

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by Roger Lehman

Most marine engines are simply automotive products converted. You can save money by making the change-over yourself.

In the recent tremendous expansion of the boating industry, one of the fastest-growing branches is that of marine conversions. This is evidenced by the ever-increasing number of boats which, each year, employ converted automotive engines for marine power. This growth stems mainly from the fact that the boating public is becoming increasingly aware of the savings and advantages offered by conversion equipment. Most of today’s boat owners are acquainted with the fact that marine engines are conversions of mass-produced automotive blocks. If a brand-new automotive engine is used in the conversion, savings up to as much as 40 per cent may be expected when compared against prices of marine engines of cornparable power. Greatest savings (and by far the most popular) are gained through the use of a used or rebuilt engine. Engines from late model cars are readily obtainable at most reasonable prices from local auto wreckers. Engines offered by such firms will vary widely in condition and mileage.

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