Winter Cocoon for Your Boat, A

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by R.P. Smith

If you are a sailor who prefers to keep his boat where it may be worked on during lay-up or if you’re near sheltered water where you winter afioat, you might try our trick of building a plastic house for your boat to protect her from the ravages of the weather. Leaves, dirt and organisms ranging from bacteria and algae. to the fungus that produces dry rot thrive in a dirty boat filled with rain water. Plain Jane, our 12-ft. all-purpose utility is kept shipshape with a plastic winter cover which doubles as a shelter cuddy for getting out of the elements when duck hunting or fishing in nippy weather. Unlike a cumbersome tarpaulin or huge plastic cover, this cover can be put on in seconds. It will not sag, won't fill with water, won't leak and can be put up in sections, depending on how much shelter is needed.

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