Convert to a Cruiser with Canvas

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/Put a top and curtains on any boat, and you've added a cabin--the best season stretcher around.

Put a top and curtains on any boat, and you’ve added a cabin—the best season stretcher around.

Check any waterfront lineup and you’ll find a fine variety of ways to stay out of the sun and rain. Not every boat is suitable for adding a sail, but any craft can use canvas to become a convertible and change an open cockpit into a shelter. Even a sailing surfboard skipper can drape a sail over the boom and create a tent of sorts for overnighting on a beach. You’ll see runabouts with fold-back tops, sun shelters above flying bridges, covers on open skiffs and sailboat cockpits, pop-tops, Bimini Tops and Navy tops. The trade refers to all this as “canvas,” even though the material may be vinyl, plain or cloth-backed, a canvas-like synthetic such as Acrilan, or even—and it is still useful—genuine canvas duck. Buy a new boat and you’ll be offered a list of “canvas” options. Here's some ides for doing your own.

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