Build this Simplified Canvas Kayak

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by Hi Sibley

To attain maximum speed with minimum effort, most kayaks are built very long and extremely narrow, so that the lines actually resemble a toothpick. The narrow ones, however, are not easy for the amateur to handle. The one to be described is a much more stable type, having several inches more beam and not so much length. The weight and actual displacement compares favorably with the faster craft. Throughout, this kayak is also designed for simplicity of construction, being identical at both ends, and the roomy cockpit exactly in the middle. Thus frames can be made in pairs, and are spaced the same distances apart. Stem and stern are exactly alike; this enables the passenger to paddle in either direction. In narrow waters, or when one is in a hurry, it is not necessary to swing the craft around—not an easy task in limited space—instead, the passenger simply changes his position from one end of the cockpit to the other. This kayak incidentally, will carry two comfortably.

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