Chart for Selecting Size of Pipe Davits

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Robert M. Steward/ How to size pipe to build davits.

by Robert M. Steward

The number of davits required on the various types of small naval vessels is indeed remarkable. We were accustomed to davits on yachts for handling the dinghy and anchors, but a patrol boat or minesweeper has many times the need for them. Formerly forged from solid stock, we now find them predominantly made of steel pipe, generally galvanized, in order to save weight and for ease of manufacture, and we believe they will be used more extensively on yachts when the building of such craft is resumed. The accompanying chart has been utilized countless times for davits on vessels assigned to arduous duty at sea and no trouble from their use has been reported. However, it should be borne in mind that, although the chart includes up to eight inch, caution should be used when the larger sizes are indicated, due to the fact that stresses other than the direct load, such as that developed when a fair lead sheave is attached to the davit, or the eccentric pull on the hauling part of the tackle, complicate the stress analysis and must be taken into account. Therefore it is considered that very important davits, such as those for lifeboats, that are to be kept to the minimum of weight consistent with strength, are beyond the scope of this chart and must be carefully engineered separately. Besides, pipe does not always provide the most advantageous section.

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