Simple Steam Box for Amateur Builders

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Hinman R. Root/ A simple steaming rig that will be very helfpul for all builders.

by Hinman R. Root,

Here are several descriptions for building simple steaming rigs that may turn out to be as helpful to others as it has been to us. No doubt there are many amateur boat builders who have found themselves in the same fix that we were—all set to build a boat, with completed plans and all tools and materials necessary for the whole job,.except the apparatus for steaming. Necessity mothered our invention, and limited resources kept it simple. The result was a practical steaming rig consisting of merely a one gallon can, a pipe coil and a steam box, and it has demonstrated its ability to take the “tuck” out of the stiffest lumber in thirty or forty-five minutes. It can be made, as it was in our case, out of odds and ends from an average workshop. There are also several tips, hints and good practices for the steam bending of ribs and other items.

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