Planking Fastenings and How to Choose Them

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/ Understanding manufacturing materials for small boat fastenings is important.

The materials from which small boat fastenings are manufactured are an important item of construction. Generally, the most discussed metals are copper alloys and galvanized iron. The latter has an excellent record, proven by many vessels put together with good iron years ago and still going strong, and probably will continue to do so, but it seems elementary to select a homogeneous corrosion resistant metal that can be hammered, drilled, threaded or worked in any way without destroying any of its noncorrosive properties. In other words, the entire metal should have the same resistance to corrosion as the surface. One of the most argument-provoking questions is that of planking fastenings, but it can be safely stated that flat head wood screws are almost universally accepted as the best method, although copper rivets are still the most satisfactory and long-lived fastening for very lightly built boats such as racing dinghies, which have frames unsuited for screws. When one-half inch, and thicker planking is called for, screws are widely used, and undoubtedly will also be used on the lighter waterproof plywood construction now becoming increasingly popular.

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