Loft Before You Build

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/ For boatbuilding, don't think you can short-cut by not laying the lines down full size. It's not difficult and it pays off.

If you expect to turn out a professional job of boatbuilding, don’t think you can short-cut by not laying the lines down full size. It’s not difficult, and pays off.

All over this boat-minded land of ours amateur boatbuilders are planning to construct the boat of their choice. While many will purchase their boat in kit form in order to eliminate some of the layout and other preliminary work, a considerable number will obtain plans from competent marine architects or build directly from one of the many excellent “how-to-build” articles. In either case, in one’s eagerness to get at the actual construction of a boat, it is a temptation to skip some of the preliminary work shch as the task of making a full-size layout of the lines from the table of offsets. This is thought of by some as being a tedious, laborious task to be done grudgingly and gotten over with as soon as possible. We have never thought about it in this manner, but have always looked on it as the opening of a door to a new project, the necessary beginning to a new venture.

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