Tips on Using Plywood

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/ A useful reference for building in plywood.

Professional boat builders have been looking for a material with all the outstanding advantages of waterproof resinbonded plywood for many years. However, with the successful development of this material, the one who has reaped the greatest benefit has been the amateur builder. Armed with knowledge of this material’s peculiar characteristics and with certain information regarding its application, the amateur builder can turn out small boats in one half the time, with greater strength and permanency, less likelihood of leaks, and better appearance throughout. It should be understood from the outset that not all boats designed for conventional planking can be adapted to plywood without change. Frequently hull lines do conform to the natural curves taken by plywood. This happened to be true of the Rebel Class racing sailboat. (Available as Booklet #5374) If you have selected a conventional design and would avoid trouble, it is recommended that a small model incorporating the frames, keel, chine and sheer line be built and thin wood sheets representing the plywood be bent in place to test the natural curves which will result in the finished hull.

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