Fastenings Make the Boat

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J.A. Emmett/Functions of the many fastenings in a boat and how to choose them.

by J. Emmett

No boat is any better than the little pieces of metal that hold it together, and every prospective or actual boat owner should know all about them. Before you start any building, buying or repairing, read this article.

Watch an expert examine a used boat and youll notice him checking its fastenings carefully, not only their type and condition but to see how they are spaced and driven, for he knows such points determine to a great extent whether the boat is a good buy or not. Even in cases where the boat is comparatively new with its wood in good condition, he may advise some refastening because he has found evidence of members pulling apart or working one on the other, or of metal of the fastenings having failed through fatigue or corrosion. All this can be guarded against at the time of building by using good fastenings and by seeing they are spaced as planned, bored for and driven correctly.

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