Boat Building Simplified

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Herbert J. Ashcroft/A guide to the Ashcroft method of building, rowing, sailing and motor boats

by Herbert J. Ashcroft

The Ashcroft Method of Cold-Moulding

Being a Practical Guide to the "Ashcroft" Method of Building, Rowing, Sailing and Motor Boats

This was one of the very first attempts at "cold moulding" boat hulls using thin layers of plywood or veneer. Ashcroft's method differed from later methods in that all of the veneers or plys ran in the same direction, rather than in "double-diagonal" fashion. One advantage of this method is that the hull (with two layers of veneer) can be planked in one direction at the same time, rather than having to plank up the entire hull in one direction then turn around and replank in the other.

76 pages

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