Introduction to Plywood Boatbuilding

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/ Basic rules for the building of a successful plywood boat.

Basic rules for the building of a successful plywood boat—kinds of plywood, sizes, thicknesses, strength, cost, bending; forms of hull; and developable surfaces.

So you are going to build yourself a boat! For months you’ve longed to get away from it all for a day, a week, or longer—get away from the noise and traffic of the city or the dullness of the little commuting town, get out on the blue water and enjoy the flying spray as you speed to the inviting cove with the family for a picnic, a swim or fishing, renewing mind and body amid the beauties of nature. But, like thousandc of others, you’re not a millionaire. However, you need not be rich to enjoy boating. After considering all other means of obtaining your boat you have settled on a Build~it-Yourself model. It seems to be the least expensive. But it is not the easiest thing in the world and will take up your week ends, evenings, spare time, etc., for many weeks ahead. But it offers a lot of satisfaction when you proudly take the wheel and send her dashing over the water. However, your wife and older members of the family may also have a feeling of pride that their work and help made the boat possible. And little Johnny may be pardoned his gloating expression when he remarks “Dad, you don’t need to worry about that coming loose ‘cause I made the nut so tight.” Anyone who has built his own boat will tell you that it wasn’t entirely a cinch. That is, if he regards the truth. There were probably moments when he felt like touching a lighted match to the whole thing, after locking the designer in the cabin. There are always a few tough spots and problems—-enough to make it interesting. When you’re about ready to tear out your hair trying to make a part fit in place you throw down your hammer in disgust and lo! she springs into place. So to make it easier for you we are going to try to point out a few things which should not be neglected or disregarded in building your boat.

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