Chart Stowage Solutions

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(Includes plans for  4 chart cases and desks)

From the instructions for the first case: It is almost impossible to keep a chart flat for working after it has been rolled or folded for some time. Thumb tacks, weights or what not are of little avail, so, if the charts are to be ready for use on a cruiser they must be kept flat and worked on a flat surface. A vertical chart file will provide for filing the charts flat and can be raised to a horizontal position for working where it forms a chart table of suitable size. The largest charts are 26 inches by 48 inches, the other varying according to locality and the scale used. Collect your charts, lay them together to best advantage and make the case 2 inches wider and 3 inches higher than the largest one with a depth of 2 inches. Perhaps it might be advisable to make one reinforced fold in the largest ones for convenience in case size.

20 pages, 1 plate(s)

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