Installing a Small Air-Cooled Inboard Engine

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by J.A. Emmett

Little air-cooled engines offer a solution to the power problem of the owner of a small boat who wants the economy, simplicity, and dependability of an inboard engine without its drawbacks in the way of weight and cost. Models from 1/2 to 5 horsepower can now be had from several different manufacturers at reasonable prices; they may drive direct, have a one-way clutch to permit starting the engine at the dock, or be fully equipped with clutch and reverse gear to give maneuvering ability under power. Weights range from under 100 lbs., for the small size up to 200 lbs., for a fully equipped five horse motor. Then there are the new high-speed lightweight models developed along the line of an outboard motor power head but with transmission arranged to run through the bottom of the boat which weigh as little as 42 lbs. for a 21/2 h. p. size.

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