Ramp Docking for Your Boat

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by Mel Berg

Here’s an inexpensive way to keep your expensive boat high and dry and out of trouble when your back is turned.

A ramp dock for your expensive fiber-glass or metal boat will keep the craft in good condition, protecting it from the hazards of dockside mooring, from damage caused by floating debris, and from the pounding, rubbing and scraping of high waves. The ramp mooring has additional advantages: your boat will be cleaner, there will be less waterline scum, and your boat will always be dry and ready to go. When the boat is parked on the ramp dock, its rear drain plug can be opened to let rain water run out instead of bailing or pumping the hulldry, an annoying procedure which is necessary when you use floating moorings. The ramp dock is a boxlike, two-section, angle-iron frame 18’ long and 4’ wide, supported at each end and in the middle by 2” pipe standards. The two 9’ wooden top deck sections are built into the angl-eiron frame and the dock is complete. This type of dock construction allows the entire dock to be removed from the water for winter storage or in case of high water, or for any other reason.

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