Build a Fishing-Rod Stowage Rack

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When the call, “fish on!” sounds out, there is a scramble to retrieve lines and clear the decks of fishing rods that might hamper the landing of a hooked fish, especially during those critical moments when the angler and net man are attempting to coordinate their actions in bringing the fish to net. Usually, there is not enough time to stow the fishing rods that have been removed from rod holders into rod storage boxes. Instead, they are propped against the center console or some other place—even placed on the cockpit floor where they are liable to be damaged. The same problem exists when the skipper decides that fishing action is better a few miles away and issues the order to “haul lines!” for the run to the new fishing grounds. Again, there is need for some kind of quick rod stowage to avoid clutter. One solution to the storage problem is a vertical rod rack with quick-release clips. Such a rack can be tailored to available cockpit space. And, it is not difficult to construct.

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