Build a Real Salt-Water Tackle Box

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The shiny metal tackle boxes sold in stores are fine for the fresh—water fisherman—but for the salt—water fan, nix! They’d rust out in no time at all, and even then a chap wouldn’t want one, for the plug compartments are made to hold small fresh-water plugs, not the big ones used to tempt stripers. Since nothing else is available, most salties just dump their gear into whatever they can find in the way of a canvas bag at an Army-Navy store. We did it that way too—until we got sick and tired of spending half our time selecting what we wanted from a tangled mess of triple gang-hooks, leaders, spinners, and what-not. Desperation drove us to making a real salt-water tackle box. This box has more uses than a ten-dollar bill. It has a drawer for small items, a compartmented plug drawer, and a large storage drawer for such items as reels, hand lines, and similar bulky equipment. The handle doubles in brass as a gaff—so after years of fumbling for that pesky item, you’ll now know where to grab for it in an instant. The top of the box makes a handy bench for working on tackle, baiting up, or serving coffee. The box is so sturdily made that it can serve as a swell seat during those long hours of waiting for a bite on beach or dock. Being made of wood, it won’t rust; and if it should fall overboard it’ll float, saving you from having to buy a new outfit. If well-painted, the wood won’t be affected by water.

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