How to Fish with a Sky Hook

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by Kenneth A. Anderson

Illustraton by Dana Rasmussen

Kite fishing is an ancient Asian art that's catching on here. With kits you can 'cast' as far as you want--if the wind's right.

Have you ever stood helplessley at the edge of a lake watching bass pop the surface about 100 feet beyond your casting range? Or maybe you know where big catfish lie beneath naccessible rocks offshore. Then kiting may solve your problem. Tie a leader to your kite string and fly the lure to the fish. You'll need a bait-casting outfit, some rather stout line, a few weights, live bait or artificial lures and a kite. Almost any kite will do. But since it may get wet it's better to choos a kite with plastic or cloth covering, rather than paper. A paper kite usually has had it if it goes in the water.

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