Make your own Take-Along Custom Rod

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by Bob Stearns

You'll have one that exactly fits your suitcase, and it'll be styled to suit your taste.

If you’re like most fishermen and must travel to get to the water, you’ll find this compact, customized suitcase rod particularly handy. You needn’t bother with the usual long fishing-rod storage and shipping tube or case—just pick a length that will be most suitable for stowing in your bag or backpack. Almost any rod, even your present ones, can be converted into a compact model by means of fiberglass ferrules, but the best rod of all is the one that is designed from scratch for this purpose. The technique is quite simple and can be used for spinning, baitcasting and fly rods. Don’t try it, though, with graphite rods or rod blanks. The ferrule systems that fit together sections of graphite rods are complicated.

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