World's Deadliest Lures, The

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Years of fishing all kinds of lures have convinced me there is one that outfishes them all—the spinner. It comes in various shapes and sizes and many look like nothing fish feed on. Yet it’s deadly. It took me a long time to discover why the spinner is so effective. It came to me one morning trolling for rainbow trout in Lake Placid, N.Y. I was using one of those 2-ft.-long chains of spinner blades anglers call Christmas trees. I had tied on a foot-long leader and a No. 6 long-shank trout hook baited with a mghtcrawler. The water was clear and the rainbows were feeding on Mayfly nymphs. I was trying a short line behind the prop. I could see the big spinner 2-ft. under the surface and was studying its action. Suddenly, a sizable rainbow dashed out of nowhere. It ignored the spinner and went straight for the nightcrawler. Then the truth hit me. That trout had been attracted by the sounds the spinner blades made and not by their flashing or by the worm. It’s a fact that a thrashing-about by a swimmer or hooked fish attracts sharks from long distances. Why wouldn’t the sound of spinner blades attract game fish from afar?

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