Soft and Hard Soldering for the Model Maker

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CONTENTS--How to make soft solder adhere—Soldering fluxes—Preparation of metallic surfaces to receive solder—Methods of holding work while solder is being applied—Information on silver soldering—Silver soldering outfit—Composition of silver solder—Application of silver solder.

Soldering, both hard and soft, is an important operation with which the model engineer will have to become very familiar. Both processes require extensive practice to become proficient in, but this should not discourage the model maker, as it is quite possible to do good work with a little practice, providing the directions are followed carefully and the necessary precautions to insure success are taken. It may be that the first two or three jobs of silver soldering or brazing will not be entirely successful, but after the model maker has made a few experiments along this line, no difficulty will be experienced in doing good work, which, although it may not be perfect, will serve its purpose.

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