Deep-Vee Sea Angler

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This 20-foot offers a variety of power options--150 horses are suggested for a cruising speed of 32 mph.

"Sea Angler" is a 20-foot cruiser of the deep-vee hull type that has gained so much in popularity in recent years because of its ability to provide a high turn of speed with minimum pounding in rough seas. Actually, the concept of the deep vee is not new, but early attempts to produce hulls of this type—almost 40 years ago—were unsuccessful. At that time use of lorigitudinal steps, or lift rails, was not understood, and the engines lacked the power needed for this type of hull.  For "Sea Angler", an engine of about 150 hp is recommended, either as a straight inboard, an inboard/outboard, or a pair of outboards. This can give the boat a top speed of about 38 mph, and a cruising speed of about 32 mph, The flexibility of power options allows you to use an automotive conversion of your own choice, in addition to stock marine engines.  Construction is of plywood panels over hardwood frames, which makes the job simple for anyone familiar with the use of common hand tools.

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