Sun Fish

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by William D. Jackson, Naval Architect

Novel scow-bow design on this 375-lb., outboard-powered cruiserette permits easy beaching.

"Sun Fish" is an unconventional looking cruiserette which weighs only 375 pounds and is powered by an outboard, It can be transported by trailer easily and has accommodations for two persons for overnight trips. The scow-type bow allows it to be landed on shelving beaches, which means dry feet for the passengers on embarking. As for speed, the "Sun Fish" will do 5 to 35 mph. A 5 hp outboard motor will propel "Sun Fish" about 6 mph while a 10 hp motor will shove the loaded hull with two persons aboard at an 8 mph clip. With speeds of over 16 mph, planing action takes place and speeds of 10 to 35 mph are possible. Construction of "Sun Fish" is simple. No difficult joinery work is necessary.

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