Sea Rover

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by William D. Jackson, Naval Architect

This 3-in-I ocean-going outboard can be built as a sports, utility or cabin model in either a 15 or 17 ft. length.

What's your cruising pleasure? Chances are, this adaptable design has what you want. If a stylish open water sportster is what you have in mind, fine; if you prefer a cabin cruiser, Sea Rover be made in that style, too. Or if you just want to get around with ease, there’s the economy style outboard model of Sea Rover. And that isn’t all. If the 15-foot length of the original version is too snug for you, for a few more dollars you can convert this plan to a 17-footer. If you have trouble getting exterior grade plywood, you can use the lap strake planking instead of plywood covering. And, finally, you even have a choice of motor mountings for rough or smooth waters.

24 pages, 6 plate(s)

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