Ishkoodah--An Express Cruiser

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Gerald Taylor White/Here is a high-speed cruiser with hull and superstructure of the ultramodern type.

by Gerald Taylor White

LOA 25' 0", DRAUGHT 24", BEAM 8' 13/4",WEIGHT 5275 LBS.

Here is a high-speed cruiser with hull and superstructure of the ultramodern type. She has the sleek, racy, sparkling style of a runabout plus good cruising accommodations for two. Her streamlined cabin, which adds to rather than detracts from her beauty, contains two extra-wide berths, a watercloset under a seat, a big wardrobe, other lockers for general gear, and a galley that is better than those often found on boats of much greater length. Obviously there isn’t full headroom in the cabin (if the cabin top were raised high enough for headroom, her beauty and speed would be ruined), but you’ll live in her immense cockpit most of the time you’re awake anyway, so who needs headroom? She has a V-bottom hull of the sawed-frame type and thus is as easy to build as it is possible to make a boat. Her afterbody is of the parallel-buttock or inonohedron type; so the water flowing beneath the hull cannot close in and form speed-cutting eddies, but instead is thrown clear without any major change in the flow lines. Power her with an engine ranging from 80 hp. upwards. Almost any of the popular automobile conversions would be ideal. One of these hulls equipped with a hopped-up Ford V-8 turned in a speed of just under 25 m.p.h. Another with an ordinary 100-hp. V-8 turning at only 2,000 r.p.m. did 15 m.p.h. These are not “catalog” figures dreamed up by armchair copywriters, but are actual speeds made in time trials conducted in accordance with the standards of the Society of Small Craft Designers.

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