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by Luther H. Tarbox, Naval Architect

LOA 25' 6", DRAUGHT 36", BEAM 8' 101/2",WEIGHT 7130 LBS.

"Barracuda" was designed to be constructed by the amateur. Anyone possessing a passable knowledge of boats and a fair proficiency with woodworking tools should have little difficulty in building her. She can be used as a sport fisherman, a grand vacation cruiser for two, or a day cruiser for a larger party. Her lines were designed to plane at 16 mph. The bottom sections forward are sharp enough to reduce pounding to a minimum in rough water. Aft, she has a constant deadrise angle, which reduces suction at planing speeds to a minimum and induces a comfortable inboard bank on turns. Her long, straight keel gives good protection to hull, propeller, and rudder and makes her an easy craft to haul out. The shaft has been splayed slightly to port to counteract the propeller’s water-wheel effect, thus insuring that she’ll run a straight course. The fuel tanks and water tank are located so variations in tank contents have practically no effect on the boat’s trim. She was designed for a speed range of 20 to 30 mph when powered with engines of from 95 to 150 hp. The engine weight should not exceed 1,300 lbs. With the engine shown (a Graymarine Six-244 Express), driving a three-blade 16x14-in. propeller through a Graymarine VeeDrive having a 1.36: 1 reduction, she will do 20 to 23 mph. A vee-drive must be used for only the arrangement of engine and shafting shown will give the required longitudinal balance. The arrangement, both on deck and below, is practical. In the large, comfortable self-draining cockpit, the helmsman has good visibility all around. Even at planing speed, he can, see the water over the bow about one boat length forward of the stem.

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