Serene--A Tabloid Houseboat

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by Luther H. Tarbox, Naval Architect

LOA 27' 31/2", BEAM 10' 01/4", DRAUGHT 2' 9", WEIGHT 8532 LBS.

For vacationing afloat or for leisurely cruising, this tabloid power houseboat should appeal to many. Most folks would rate her as a slowpoke with her 9 to 12-mph speed range, but her spacious accommodations provide comfort that the faster boats of her length cannot begin to give. Examine her cabin arrangement and see what a world of room there is below. Just forward of the cockpit is a huge galley. Then comes the deckhouse with convertible berths to sleep four. In the forward cabin are lavatory facilities and storage space galore. The engine compartment, below the deckhouse floor, contains the engine, fuel tanks, a 110-volt lighting plant, and the starting batteries. Each fuel tank has a capacity of 65 gallons. Under the after cockpit, there are a 70-gal. water tank and a 14-gal. fuel-oil tank for the galley range. "Serene" has an outboard rudder with an airfoil section, flat on the starboard side and cambered on the port side. This camber is proportioned for a right-hand propeller and cancels out its tendency to shove the stern to starboard. If the engine you install turns a lefthand wheel, the cambered side of the rudder must be to starboard. Specified power is a Lathrop LH-4 gasoline engine with 2:1 reduction gear, developing 38 hp. at 1,100 shaft rpm. This will drive "Serene" at 10 mph and consume less than four gallons of fuel per hour. Almost any medium-duty marine engine or properly converted automobile engine that develops between 40 and 75 hp. at 1,200 to 2,000 rpm could be substituted.

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