Simple Simon

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/With a 3-hp. air-cooled inboard engine, this attractive 15-foot plywood utility boat will do 10 mph.

With a 3-hp. air-cooled inboard engine, this attractive 15-foot plywood utility boat will do 10 mph.

LOA 15' 71/4", BEAM 4' 51/4", DRAUGHT 13".

Designed to be seaworthy,"Simple Simon" is almost perfect for fishing and general use wherever the water kicks up a bit. While an outboard motorboat has many obviously attractive characteristics, it is far from its best in rough seas or choppy waters. You see, its stern must be broad to carry the combined weight of the motor and the operator without squatting. And its transom must be kept low--or must be cut down at the center-—so the propeller will operate in solid water. In a following sea, sooner or later a wave will come aboard, drowning the motor and perhaps even swamping the boat. An inboard boat such as "Simple Simon" can operate in a following sea without danger because its transom is higher and narrower than that of an outboard-powered boat and its engine, being located well forward of the stern, is protected. "Simple Simon" seats six in comfort. There’s room under the forward deck for quite a bit of gear. Thanks to her simplified V-bottom construction, her first cost will be low and she’ll be almost as easy to build as a flat-bottom boat. There is no difficult bending to be done. She can be powered with any small aircooled engine. With a 3/4-hp. unit, she’ll do 6 mph; with 11/2-hp., she’ll do 8 mph; and with 3 hp., she’ll do 10 mph. It isn’t advisable to put in much more than 4 hp. as she isn’t designed for speed. The air-cooled engines have three distinct advantages. First, they are simple to install. Second, they have no cooling systems to corrode or rust away. And third, they are economical to operate-—"Simple Simon" will go 64 miles on a gallon of gasoline when run at 6 mph with a 3/4-hp. engine.

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