Building Riptide--A 13-Ft. Outboard Fishing Skiff

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Robert J. Whittier/She's a practical, roomy boat with a bow that's 24 in. high; she is a very steady boat to fish from.

A 131/2 x 5-foot fishing skiff for outboards.

by Robert J. Whittier

There are many spots along the seacoast where rivers, creeks, and small bays afford good moorings for fishing skiffs. Just outside, the ocean teems with fish. The narrow inlets to the protected waters, however, often develop nasty chops due to the struggle between tide, ground swell, and wind. Even on fair days, it may be a problem to get through such turbulent areas. "Riptide" was designed to cope with such conditions. She’s a practical, roomy boat with a bow that’s 24 in. high. The outboard motor is mounted in a well at the stern. This allows the installation of an outer transom that’s far higher than is ordinarily possible so there’s no danger of swamping in a following sea. Unlike a good many dories and semi-dories one is apt to find on salt water, she is a very steady boat to fish from.

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