Merry Maid--A 15-Ft. Plywood Runabout

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Plywood 15-ft. runabout.

by Charles M. Ungerbuehier, Yacht Designer

"Merry Maid" was designed for the man who desires a roomy little runabout capable of good speed and having rough-water ability. With her graceful, sweeping sheer, she is a saucy little packet. She has completely pleased her original owner and may interest those of you who desire an inexpensive, easily built boat. Powered with a Mercury Super Ten and carrying two passengers, the prototype ran from Seaford, Del., to Nanticoke, Md., and return, a distance of approximately 80 miles, in 4 hours and 15 minutes without ever having had the motor wide open. Under way, "Merry Maid" runs cleanly at either high or low speed, banks beautifully, and has sufficient stability, despite her light weight, to allow a couple of passengers to sit on the side decking without fear of being tossed overboard. The boat is large enough so that passengers sit down in it rather than on it.

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