Imp--A 14-Ft. Utility Inboard

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Gerald Taylor White/Powered by a 5-hp aircooled motor, "Imp" will run just about all day on a buck's worth of gasoline and oil.

by Gerald Taylor White

"Imp" has all the earmarks of a good boat. If she were twice her length, the same hull form would still produce a good boat for all-around use. There’s enough deadrise to avoid pounding in any ordinary sea and enough draft to hang on instead of sliding crabwise every time she gets smacked by a beam or quartering sea. To keep her crew dry, "Imp" has more than the usual amount of freeboard. Her nicely flaring sides forward round into a pleasing tumblehome aft, quite like her larger sisters who swing proudly at anchor off the swanky yacht clubs. Of course, "Imp" is not a cruiser—or is she? The canvas weather cloth forward certainly covers ample space to stow all sorts of camping gear and if the after seat is made removable, there’ll be room enough to spread a couple of inflatable mattresses. A second canvas, buttoned to the forward spray shield and over the sheer molding, will provide as snug a bit of cabin as lots of people would want. Powered by a 5-hp aircooled motor, "Imp" will run just about all day on a buck’s worth of gasoline and oil. The small propeller will keep the draft shallow enough so that you can sneak up picturesque waterways where the bigger boats wouldn’t dare to venture. If you do get snared on a sandbank, simply jump overboard and shove ‘er off.

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