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S. S. Rabl/"Fontana" is an open boat with a sedan top.

by S. S. Rabl, Naval Architect

We who live on the sea coasts have been in the habit of thinking that all worthwhile boating is done in arms of the sea. In the past few years, however, thanks to the several Federally sponsored hydroelectrification projects, many inland manmade lakes, connected with thousands of miles of cruising water, have appeared. In the Tennessee Valley, where one of the projects is located, a new generation of boatmen has come into being. I have passed through this region several times and have seen enough of its advantages to want to spend the rest of my life in its quietude. It is possible to take a small boat in there by trailer and it was to this end that "Fontana" was designed and named in honor of one of the beautiful lakes of the region. Many hotels and motor courts are set close to the water, so it is not necessary to spend one’s vacation cramped in a small cuddy cabin. "Fontana" is therefore an open boat with a sedan top. If caught far from tourists’ quarters, she can be converted to an overnighter by rigging her canvas curtains. For berths, lay two inflated beach mattresses on the flooring. For cooking, use a Coleman stove.

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