Whoosh--A Fast Runabout

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Charles M. Ungerbuehler/Performance-wise, this snappy little speedster is everything that her name implies.

by Charles M. Ungerbuehler, Yacht Designer

If you’ve ever harbored the desire (and who hasn’t?) to own a trim, racy runabout, one that is fairly easy to build and will give years of reliable service and pleasure, then you’ll want to get started on "Whoosh". Performance-wise, this snappy little speedster is everything that her name implies, and is ideally suited for general river and lake use. While "Whoosh" is not primarly intended for rough, deep-water operation, her sea-going qualities have not been sacrificed in the interest of greater speed. The design incorporates a modern constant-section afterbody, which has proved its superiority on countless other craft, and a generous degree of deadrise to keep riding comfort at a maximum consistent with this type. With these design considerations, "Whoosh" will never have to take a back seat to any stock-built runabout of comparable size when the going gets choppy. The arrangement is planned for the utmost in comfort, convenience, and stability. Reached through a hatch, the shelf under the forward deck provides stowage space for anchor, line, and other light gear. A little farther astern is the driver’s seat, which holds two comfortably and has locker space below.

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